Wedding Shoes

sfl-20160628-001On June 28, 2016, an unknown vandal set the pavilion at Atlantic Dunes Park on fire. For the thrill of the moment, the vandal took away the place of memories of perhaps hundreds – couples, families and friends. The simple park shelter was my marriage chapel.

Atlantic Dunes Park
1605 S Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, FL 33483

For most people, the arson was a pointless act costing inconvenience to all beachgoers. Wedding shoes will be an installation to remind the beachgoers that the pavilion is the place of one of life’s most significant events. As a broader artistic idea, all places hold someone’s powerful memories that remain invisible to everyone else.

  • Installation:  October 12 – October 18, 2016
  • Opening Event:  Wednesday, October 12th – 5 pm to 6:30 pm.  Free.
  • Closing Photograph:  Sunday, October 16 – 4:30 pm.  (Photograph of everyone with memories of personal special events at the Atlantic Dunes Pavilion)

newPhysically, the installation includes about 30 pairs of used shoes, a bible and a boombox. The bible will be raised a foot off the ground and the boombox will set on a wooden bench similar to the one burned. All the soles of all shoes will be attached to short pvc pipe that raise the shoes to an imaginary deck an inch above the current sand. (Not raised to the former height of the pavilion)

Along the railing overlooking the art installation will be signage explaining the artwork and weddings that have been held at the pavilion. A facebook page – Atlantic Dunes Memories – will be used to collect the images and stories or memories in the pavilion. As pictures and stories are posted online, they will be printed, laminated and zip-tied to the railing.

When the pavilion is reconstructed, I hope that some method might mark the history of the pavilion’s memories – including our wedding -Maria and Glenn Weiss, May 16, 2003.

All photographs and written memories can be found and posted on Facebook.  Please click here.



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