Summary Recent of Weiss Artworks and Research

Completed Temporary Installations

“Lounge”, Installation for Palm Beach International Airport, Rubberized Asphalt Filler on Sears Curtain, 120”x72”, 2015

Rising Waters Confab series, Rauschenberg Residency, Captiva Island, FL 2015
· Digging for Water, Cubic meter hole dug to find the watertable
· Rising Waters Jungle Seeds, international distribution of seeds harvested at estate.
· Last Stand, Planting mangroves 150 feet inland for future water’s edge

Seaweed Sculpture Studies, Delray Beach, 2015

Dark Serra Series, Large black painting in asphalt sealer on roads and parking lots, Houston, TX 2012
· Dark Serra, 50 foot diameter, Recognized in the 2013 Year in Review of the Public Art Network of Americans for the Arts
· Dark Cross, 30 ft x 30 ft
· Dark Reflection, 10 ft x 40 ft
· Twice Removed Boteh, 15 ft x 30 ft

Submitted Proposals for Installations
Maitland Predestrian Tunnel, 2015
Living Arecea Palm Sculpture for Boynton Beach Sculpture Show, 2015

Photographic Series
Recording multiple occurrences of the same process at the same place within 30 minutes, 2012-Present
Bridge drains, oily parking spaces, repaired steps, crab digs, ant sand annulus, fence shadows, beach seaweed, rock moss


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