Rising Waters Jungle Seeds

Rising Waters Confab

Rising Waters Jungle Seeds from the Rauschenberg Estate on Captiva Island, Florida.

(Just an idea by Glenn Weiss.  Not APPROVED by the Rauschenberg Foundation)

The Rising Waters Jungle Seeds provide a bit of Robert Rauschenberg’s environmental vision with seeds actually collected from his estate. In 2004 after Hurricane Charley hit Captiva Island and removed the existing trees, Rauschenberg had 9 acres planted as a jungle. For many years, Rauschenberg participated in ecological activism through his work and design of posters such as the famous first Earth Day poster in 1970 of the American Bald Eagle surrounded by damaged landscapes.

In 2015, the first Rising Waters Confab of artists, writers, performers, designers and scientists was held at the Rauschenberg Residency on the estate. The purpose of the five-week gathering was to discover artworks and artist actions that would bring public action to global warming and the rising waters of the oceans…

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