Digging for Water

Rising Waters Confab

20150514_121111Digging for Water

To discover the depth of the water table on the Rauschenberg Residency property, a hole was dug over two days. The brackish water appeared at around 48 inches in a beige layer of broken shells.   The following soil layers were uncovered and displayed on the plywood board.

  • Top soil with organic matter and tree roots from gumbo limbo tree and strangler fig,
  • A mixed layer of sand and organic matter
  • Pure fine beach sand
  • A mixed sand, shell and root layer most likely from a dead slash pine 5 feet from the dig
  • Broken and intact seashells with brown-yellow water

A concrete property line marker was dropped into the water. The backside of the dig mound was carved to expose the layers of each in reserve order.


In reflecting Friday’s confab (May 14, 2015), I believe what is important to remember is that the high ground above current edge…

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